Napoleon Skullfukk Sign to Dynamic Arts!

North-Finland's chainsaw murderers NAPOLEON SKULLFUKK (formed back in 2004) has been signed to Dynamic Arts Records. Band delivers its skins and bones on shape of grooving death metal. Napoleon's lyrics are swarming with violence, maggots and torture. The past contains lots of rehearsings, live shows, Finnish Wacken Metal Battle part competition victory and two self released EP's: Swollen (2010) and Torture Metal (2008).

Now the new winds of violence blows on Napoleon Skullfukk rank - band inked a recording deal with Finnish DAR on early 2011. As a starter of the co-operation Dynamic Arts will release group's both MCD’s on one mid-priced album. Album entitled ”Swollen & Torture Metal” will be unleashed on 23.03.2010 (Finland) and 25.03.2010 (rest of the world).

...Napoleon Skullfukk rises from the dark corners of human soul, filled with black slime and bringing out the atmosphere of terror and disgust! Only one thing is for sure, the river of dead bodies and swollen cadavers will not dry out as long as these sadistic brats dwell on the surface of this planet! Napoleon Skullfukk is an attack from the past, the days of torture are here and there's no room for comfort!...